How to download audible books to mp3

An audiobook is a kind of book that is not based on reading the whole text but listening to it. This kind of book becomes very popular quickly is because it helps avid book readers listen to what they supposed to be reading while they are doing something more important. In addition to that, we cannot deny the fact that it is more exciting because you tend to realize the expressions and the right pronunciation of words. However, there is a problem when it comes to locating audiobooks to portable devices because most of them especially iTunes audiobooks are not compatible with smartphones or devices running other systems other than iOS or Mac system.

How to listen to audiobooks with an Amazon Kindle

You need to convert audiobooks to MP3 format. MP3 is the safest format to use because it is compatible with most of the devices. Below are the best tools recommended to you. Aside from managing files, this tool can also be used as an audiobook to MP3 converter. But it is not as easy as you think of it.

It requires you a deeper learning before you have your audiobooks converted in here. First, you must find audiobooks in iTunes or have song files recognized as audiobooks and then convert them all to MP3 format. Now your audiobooks have an MP3 version you can use on the other devices. Obviously iTunes is very complicated and not that user-friendly to non-computer savvy people. Audiobooks, to some extent, is a kind of audio file.

This application handles this sort of files very quickly and efficiently. All you need to do is access the official website at first as it is an online-based service. You see it works faster than the first one. The only problem with it is it needs an internet connection to operate.

how to download audible books to mp3

If you have a poor connection, the process of converting might also be slower. It can batch convert audiobooks in different file types into MP3 format. It gives people a better experience and more options, for example, a high-quality guarantee, fast processing speed, more supported devices, and many other available features. The steps to convert audiobooks are:. It seems that this software really provides a great way to people who are going to transcode media files.

In reality, it can do many tasks beyond your imagination. It can download files with different resolutions, record screen activity in different modes and create slideshow with pictures and music, etc. It offers a huge collection of stories and poems that people can browse by author, genre, title, collection and reading level. People can take advantage of the homepage search option to find out their interesting audiobooks. There is no need to convert audiobooks to MP3 on this site as the content is downloaded in MP3 format only.

All collections are well categorized by different types like free and paid, popular and latest, audiobooks and ebooks, genres, etc. Users can figure out their preferred audiobooks quickly. The audiobooks are grouped by genres. Each one has a brief introduction. Users can preview, stream and download them for free for 30 days only. When the free trial expired, you have to pay money monthly. Rating: 4. Related posts: What is M4A Format?Audible Converter,decrypt Audible books and convert Audible books to any other formats.

Once the Audible books have been added to the Audible Converter, select the output format, and click on "Convert to XX", the Audible books will be decrypted and converted successfully. With the help of imElfin Audible Converter, the decrypted and converted Audible books will retain the original quality and parameters, including the codec, channel, bitrate and so on.

When the Audible books have been added to the Audible converter, click "Convert to XXX format", the Audible Converter will convert all your decrypted audiobooks in batch. Once the Audible book has been added to the Audible Converter, it will be decrypted within 1 second.

One-hour length Audible convert to another format only need a few seconds. With the clear and intuitive interface, the Audible converter ensures the beginner can unlock the Auidble books with 1 clicks. Add many Audible books at one time. Then batch decryption will soon begin after the audiobooks added.

You can also select all the books just with 1-click. When the Audible books has been decrypted, just click on "Convert to XXX " button, the Audible books will be converted to other format in batch automatically.

Only with 1 click, Audible Converter can convert many Audible books to the other format you want to listen to at any player or device. Free Trial. Support OS: Vista, Win7, 8, Buy Now. Backup ebooks anywhere. Read more. Remove DRM from Audible books without any quality loss With the help of imElfin Audible Converter, the decrypted and converted Audible books will retain the original quality and parameters, including the codec, channel, bitrate and so on.

This is no need to click on any button. Support batch conversion, save your time When the Audible books have been added to the Audible converter, click "Convert to XXX format", the Audible Converter will convert all your decrypted audiobooks in batch. Decrypt Audible books with 1 second Once the Audible book has been added to the Audible Converter, it will be decrypted within 1 second. Save your time for audiobook conversion With Audible Converter, you do not have to waste your time on waiting for audiobook conversion.

Clear and intuitive interface With the clear and intuitive interface, the Audible converter ensures the beginner can unlock the Auidble books with 1 clicks. You can even split Audible books by chapters or time according to your own listening habits. Batch Conversion No need to convert one by one.

How to Use Audible

Remove drm from Audible books in batch Add many Audible books at one time. Convert Audible books in batch When the Audible books has been decrypted, just click on "Convert to XXX " button, the Audible books will be converted to other format in batch automatically. Best Audible Converter for Windows Only with 1 click, Audible Converter can convert many Audible books to the other format you want to listen to at any player or device. The payment process is SSL-secured.

How to Download Audible Books to Computer and Convert to MP3

Buy Try. All rights reserved.Speaking of audio booksyou must have heard about Audible. As the most popular online audiobook store, Audible. But it is necessary to point out that the audiobook offered on Audible.

Customers are not allowed to play DRM-protected. Actually, there is more than one way. Now let's see how to convert Audible to MP3 with this converter. Choose "MP3" format from the drop-down list of "Profile". You can also freely select the destination file folder for the converted MP3 audio files. Compared with the first method, free convert AAX file to MP3 online might be easier, but that may cost you more time as you wait for the converting process done. The above methods can be used to convert unprotected AAX files, but if you want a safer way, please keep reading this part.

Step 1. Download the Audible AAX audiobooks to your computer. You can add audiobooks from Audible to iTunes Library and download the purchased audiobooks to your computer. Step 2. Download, install and launch Aiseesoft Screen Recorder on your computer. Play the audiobooks you want to convert with audiobook player. In the settings, click Output — Audio format and set it in MP3. Click OK to save.

Then click Rec to start. After finishing recording, click the Stop button. There is a more thoughtful design in the second method. You can set the recording time length the same as the audiobook file. By doing this, you won't have to wait till the playing ends. You can go to sleep or take a shower or so other things at the same time. After the recording ends, the recorded audio file will be saved automatically. And that will save you much time, right? You can choose one method that suits you more.

This article introduces the best audio to MP3 converter, which could easily free convert audio to MP3. Home About Privacy Tutorial. Screen Recorder. Part 1.When talking about audiobooks, most of us will think of Audible.

It is well known that Audible. In order to make new users have a full knowledge of Audible audibooks, like sound quality, before joining Audible Store, it provides day trial period for every new user.

Without a monthly subscription, you can also purchase a title from Audible, which can be downloaded to hundreds of devices for playback at any time.

But different devices have different downloading methods. If you are the newbie who is not familiar with downloading Audible files, please read on this tutorial to find out the possible way to download Audible audiobooks to your selected devices freely.

View also: Download Spotify Songs without Premium. Step 1. If you haven't been equipped with Audible Download Manager already, please download and install this stunning software to your Windows computer.

Step 2. Double click to launch Audible Download Manager, and then you can touch the General Settings icon to open a new window, where you can change the location saving downloaded audiobook files. Please check the mark next to the target media player you want. Step 3. Now, you can find out favorite audiobooks from My Books. Step 4. As for downloading Audible files to computer running Mac OS, it could be easier than syncing audiobooks to a PC, since downloading an audiobooks is as easy as one click, only if you have purchased audiobook files from Audible Store.

Enter into official website of Audible on your Mac, and please authorize your account on this computer by singing in your Audible account and password.

Every book item has a Download button you can choose to download. Once you have found out the favorite books you would like to listen to, please click the Download icon to begin the downloading process. Up to now, we all know how to download Audible files to computers, Mac and PC. Since Audible audio files are compatible with numerous devices, how about downloading Audible audiobooks to iOS devices for enjoying audiobooks more convenient?

Actually, there are some different approaches to get audio files from your Audible library. Download and install Audible for iOS app via iTunes store or using desktop computer. Open this Audible app on OS device and sign in the Audible account that you used to purchase audiobooks. Touch My Library at the bottom of the main screen and you will see there are two options, Cloud and Device. Please simply click the Cloud icon.

There is a list of your purchased audiobooks from Audible Store.

How to Download Audible Audiobooks to A Windows/Mac Computer -- 2019 Works

You can choose the favorite audio files and tap the Download icon at the bottom-right corner of each cover art of audiobooks. Now, you can enjoy them on iOS device even without Internet network connection. View also: How to Play Audiobooks on iPhone. The only different step is that you need to download the Audible app from different stores according to your devices.When you synced Audible audiobooks to your MP3 player to listen them offline while on the go, those audiobooks downloaded from Audible cannot be recognized through the MP3 player due to the different formats.

Will it be possible to convert audible to MP3 online? You may have encountered the same barrier as mentioned above if you intend to play Audible on MP3 player.

Fortunately, we have written this guide to show you how to convert Audible books to MP3 online easily. In this section we will walk you through an online Audible to MP3 utility to get those Audible audiobooks convert to MP3 easily. There's no need to download any software in comparison with other methods.

Since there are tons of online audio converting websites that allows you to convert AAX or AA file to MP3, we will take Convertio as an example to complete the conversion. Simply refer to this guide to get the detailed method. Step 1: Launch any browser on your computer and then open the Convertio website. Step 2: Tap on the computer icon, then load the AAX file. Moreover, the program boasts a clean install without account authorization or any extra software like iTunes.

Now just download the free trial version of this software on your computer and follow the steps below to learn how to convert audible files to MP3 with ease.

Open TunesKit Audible Converter. Then drag and drop the audiobooks to import them to the program. You are allowed to add multiple audiobook files once for batch conversion.

Now click the Format panel at the lower left corner of the interface and select the output format from the new window once the Audible files are imported to the software successfully.

The default output format is lossless and will not touch the original audio tracks at all. For this output, you are not able to customize the channel, bit rate, etc.

At this point you are allowed to tap on the Editor icon listed in each column of the audio book file to split the audiobook to a few small files by chapters or time frame. Here are two different ways to convert Audible audiobooks to MP3 online or offline. To be frank, the second solution is much easier to operate and more importantly, it is capable of converting the hours-long DRM-ed Audible audiobooks without quality loss in a few seconds only.

So just download the program and give it a try now. Adam Gorden is an experienced writer of TunesKit who is obsessed about tech, movie and software. Toggle navigation Products.

Download Download. Leave a comment. All Rights Reserved.I can play. Otherwise, the converted MP3 files will be copied anywhere. AAX, a multimedia digital audiobook format developed by Audible, is now available from Audible. Compare to AA format, it includes more features, like images and links.

Meanwhile, you can also playback audiobooks on a variety of audio devices such as Android, iPhone, Walkman, tablet PC, etc. With its comprehensive features, you can easily remove DRM from audiobooks and music in most popular formats. Click Settings button near by Audio files to, choose MP3 format and you can audio parameters, like sample rate, channel, encoder, and bit rate.

Back to the main interface and then click Start button at the bottom right corner. It has few introductions from the Internet. This method is quite complex.

how to download audible books to mp3

In addition, the software is capable of splitting and cutting the audios into small segments if necessary. GoldWave, a market leader in voice recording software, provides you with the function to record, convert, edit, play, mix, and analyze audios.

how to download audible books to mp3

Although there are more thanbooks on Audible. Then are there any free ways to download audiobooks from Audible? The answer is yes. Throughout the full text, we presented 4 ways to convert Audible aa. Comparing these four methods, method one and method four are relatively simple; method two is more professional for Windows system; method three is free, but complicated.

Note: if you need do other audio or video conversions, Cisdem Video Converter for Mac will meet all your demands. Free Download. Free video player that plays just about any media file you can throw at it.We're officially through the introductory lessons for Audibleand that means it's time to start learning how to make it work for you! This tutorial will teach you everything that you need to know in order to use Audible, including creating an account, signing up for a membership, purchasing and downloading audiobooks, and listening to books that you've already purchased.

To create an Audible account, you have to go to the Audible website and click "Sign In". Enter your email address, indicate that you're a new Amazon customer, and click "Continue". Then, enter your name, email address, password, and mobile phone number, complete the security check, and then click "Create Account".

Go to www. Click in the box labelled "My Email Address Is" and type in your email address. HINT: Audible is run by Amazonso if you already buy and sell on the popular e-commerce website, after entering your email address, click the button that says "Yes, My Amazon Password Is:". Then, click the box right next to it and type in the password for your Amazon account. Then click Continueand you can skip the next step because you'll be all set up!

Once you're on your main page for Audible, click Membership in the menu across the top of the screen.

HINT: If you already have billing information registered with Amazon, click the button that says "Existing Payment Method" and select your payment method from the drop-down menu. To buy a book on Audible, find it and click on its picture. On its information page, click "Add to Cart", and then apply any credits or promotional codes if you want to.

Once you click "Next Step", you will have to enter your billing information if you haven't already. Click "Complete Purchase" to finish up. HINT: If you have any book credits available with your membership, you can click the check box underneath "Apply Credits" to use a credit on your account towards your book.

How to Convert Audible AAX/AA Audiobooks to MP3

NOTE: If you already have a membership on Audible, then your payment method should already be selected. If you don't, enter the information requested in step 2 of the previous section and proceed with your checkout. To download Audible books, you will first have to download the Audible Manager. Do so by going to "Library", and then clicking "My Books". Click "Expand" on any book, click "Download Options", and then click "Download". Follow the process to install the Audible Manager, and then repeat it to download the book.

Once you have purchased a book on Audible, move your mouse cursor over Library and click My Books. Move your mouse cursor over the book that you wish to download and click Expand. Then, click the Download Options button. Click on the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the box that appears to select the audio quality of the recording.

Then click Download beside the version of the audiobook that you wish to download. On the next screen, you will have to choose what platform you wish to download the audiobook to. For this example, we'll select "Download to My Computer".

After saving the Audible Manager installer on your computer, find it and double-click it to open it. Click OK until you get a message in your web browser that Audible Manager has been successfully installed. Repeat steps 1 through 3, and when the download box appears, simply click OK to let the Audible downloads manager take care of downloading your audiobook for you. A window like this one should appear:.

To listen to Audible books, you can simply go to the audible website, click on "My Books", and then click the "Play" icon on the book that you want to listen to. You can also listen to a book by clicking on it in the Audible Manager program after launching it.

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