Fazua mountain bike

Our test bike came with the Black Pepper update, which gives the rider more control — by plugging the drive system into your computer you can alter the assistance levels and change the ride feel via parameters such as ramp up.

This alters the relationship of the exertion of the rider and the assistance given. As standard, the Rise has three modes. You select this via a small touch-sensitive unit — yes, it works with gloves — in the top tube. It looks neat but does mean taking your hand off the bar, which leaves less room for frantically grabbing Rocket mode halfway up a steep incline.

Next to these buttons sits the battery indicator, which changes colour to indicate mode — green for Breeze, blue for River and red for Rocket. Kinesis and Fazua pull a useful trick here, though — the battery and drive unit can be fully removed from the bike and replaced with a blanking plate, allowing you to ride unassisted.

This drops 2. De-motorvate it that's a word now, okay?

First Ride: Kinesis Rise e-MTB hardtail - lightweight electric mountain bike with Fazua motor

The motor is particularly smooth in its default settings, though with the Black Pepper update you could potentially make it more aggressive. Dropping the cadence soon feels like stirring porridge with your cranks, so it's best kept spinning.

Here's hoping that goes in an update. So, that's the 'e' bit. Now for the 'bike'. The Rise is an aluminium 29er hardtail, with fairly progressive geometry. The geometry, along with that mm X-Fusion E-Slide fork, makes for some decent trail performance. Kinesis has tried to manage this with voluminous, 2. There is also a seal where in the gear box area and we have experienced this making a noise if it gets really dry like in the hot weather.

Again a light lube works well. In fact, my mind did start to wander to thoughts of a light build and more XC-orientated nature.

Talking of build, there are currently three specifications available. All bikes get room for 2. As it is, the Kinesis Rise is a rather unusual bike.Micah Toll. While some electric bicycles are getting stronger, heavier, and closer to electric motorcyclesothers are focusing on reducing weight and retaining as much of the non-electric bike feel as possible.

The Fazua drive system, known as the Fazua Drivepack, is a lightweight electric bicycle drivetrain consisting of a removable Wh battery and W motor that weigh a combined 3.

When removed, the bicycle is left with almost zero extra weight, allowing it to be pedaled as easily as a standard, non-electric bicycle. And even when the motor is left in the bike, it disengages from the pedal-based drivetrain when not in use, removing any resistance and mimicking the ride experience of a non-electric bike. We want riders to have options capable of matching their skill with nearly any terrain, condition, or speed. We actually got a chance to review the Alpine Hawk EVO and found it to be a great ride, offering traditional road-bike feel, yet with the option for electrical assist to help on harder sections like sprints and hill climbs.

The bike is already lightweight at 15 kg Gravel bikes are a category of bicycle whose sales are growing almost as fast as electric bicycles.

So combining the two into an electric gravel bike makes perfect sense. Gravel bikes are light and efficient just like road bikes, yet are built to be robust enough for technical trails that could destroy a typical road bike.

And oh boy is the ride nice!

They have high-quality parts that make them safer, stronger, and better for the types of riding they are designed for.

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Guides ebikes. March 8. You can send him tips at Micah electrek. Micah Toll's favorite gear.May 25, You must login to Pinkbike. Don't have an account? Sign up. As far as reliability goes, and measured by the total amount of all the e-bikes out there, warranty issues are on the lower end of the spectrum.

Every manufacturer has an existing support network and tries to fix issues as quickly as possible, and depend on each and every dealer to do their part. That lap test is far from scientifically accurate: bike and wheel weights, tire types and compounds and even outside temperatures, not to forget about rider input, varied.

Apart from that, I am a very lightweight rider, only weighing 55kg lbso the results for other riders will inevitably differ by a more or less significant amount. The rest of the numbers referred to in these reviews relate to my body weight and are not an indicator of how far your bike with same motors or batteries is going to take you.

Consider them more of values to compare one system with the other. The more system weight, the less range, up to a significant amount between lighter and heavier riders. On a side note: No, I have absolutely no problem handling an e-bike with a weight of 25kg, and, even though my math skills are lacking, the bike still does not weigh more than the rider in my case. Since its introduction inwhen it was one of the most compact and lightest motors with a very natural feel to it, its competitors have caught up and even surpassed most of its abilities.

However, it is still a widely equipped option for many top manufacturers due to its proven overall package.

Top 5 - Hottest Ebikes for 2019 - EMTB DREAM BIKE CHECK

Shimano offers external down tube mounted batteries withand brand new Wh. There are and Wh also new options for integrated use, as well as an older bulkier square style of integrated battery with Wh.

Since components between the E and E series can be mixed, there are various options for displays and remotes. On the left-hand Firebolt SW-EL thumb shifters resembling the Di2 shiftertwo paddles let you shift either up or down in mode. Brose Drive S Mag Specialized 2. Essentially designed in cooperation with Specialized resulting in the Specialized 2. The hardware is mostly the same, however Specialized developed their own motherboard and software for the motor management.

I have alsp spent a brief amount of time on a BH AtomX Lynx with regular Brose Drive S Mag motor and was just as impressed by its power and overall feel, so I feel safe to say that most of my impressions should be valid for other Brose Drive S setups, even if they shouldn't end up being as sophisticated as Specialized's.

Compared to some other manufacturers, Brose has made it easy for bike companies to customize their motor to their needs with third-party batteries and displays. They also offer a full package of Wh in-frame battery and various remotes and displays. Full mode customization with Specialized's Mission Control app.The Fazua Evation system, which is popular on both road and mountain bikes, is often favoured for its low weight and impressive integration.

A major benefit of the update is the way the motor delivers its power, according to Fazua, with the motor now working across a wider range of cadences. The motor can now operate across a cadence spectrum spanning between 55 and crank revolutions per minute.

Power assistance modes have been totally revised too. The power comes in thick and fast, asking a little over W from your legs to reach its peak. The motor software update is said to improve efficiency, which in turn should improve range. In the medium River assistance mode, Fazua claims a 75km road ride with 1, vertical metres of climbing is possible, while the same setting should sustain a mountain bike ride of 50km with m of climbing.

In the more economical Breeze assistance mode, Fazua suggests the same road loop could yield km in range. Fazua is more vague on its Rocket mode, suggesting m of climbing assistance or 30km of range. The latest Toolbox Software for the Fazua Evation system allows adjustment to the preprogrammed Breeze, River and Rocket support modes. The update will be available on the Fazua website from 16 April, and is backwards compatible with all Evation systems. An update for the Bluetooth-enabled Fazua Evation remote is also said to be coming in the next few weeks.

Now officially part of the furniture, Oli enjoys bicycles of all sorts and has a keen eye for technical detail. An unhealthy interest in older motor vehicles keeps him poor but happy.

fazua mountain bike

Home News Black Pepper update unlocks further performance and customisation for Fazua-powered ebikes. Power delivery has changed significantly, particularly at higher cadences. Responsiveness appears to have been improved with the version 2. Daily Deals. How cycling can help improve your mental health 6 tips for the coronavirus pandemic.

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Ben weighs 80 kg and his cycling group often tackles long distances on the weekends. On the flat, they go all out, forming a chain gang. Arriving at the mountains, the engine support comes at the right time for Ben, so he doesn't have to hold back on the flat by drafting. Most of the time his support mode stays at "Breeze". Only in really steep sections, he switches to "Rocket".

But it hurts anyhow. Julia weighs 55 kg and rides to work everyday. She rides a lot of gravel tracks on her way to work, also passing a small forest. One or two steep sections are on and in her way. Especially in the mornings a true challenge, when the body is not yet awake. On these occasions, Julia switches to a higher support level.

Apart from that, she stays in "Breeze "mode and keeps on cruising. As their home area is very undulating, meters of altitude quickly add up.

With his old bike, David would quickly loose contact on the climb, while Thomas would need to wait on top. Now they push each other to new records — on the flat David's strong suit and in the mountains.

The 4 Best 2020 eMTB Motor Systems Reviewed - Bosch vs Brose vs Shimano vs Fazua Ridden & Rated

David adjusts the support level depending on the situation. Derby Cycle Werke GmbH is not liable for the use nor the content of this external website. Please refer to the Privacy Statement, Cookie Policy and Terms of use of this external website for details. Fazua Evation Silent and resistance-free for a natural riding experience. Ben's long tour Ben weighs 80 kg and his cycling group often tackles long distances on the weekends.

fazua mountain bike

Julia's daily ride Julia weighs 55 kg and rides to work everyday. Bikes with Fazua Evation. Further E-Bike Drive Units. Compare bikes.

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Black Pepper update unlocks further performance and customisation for Fazua-powered ebikes

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fazua mountain bike

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